Photo Gallery


Myriam and Leah at CPA Conference (UOttawa, June 2015)


An Gie and Caroline at C2U EXPO 2015 (Carleton University)


Myriam, An Gie, Leah and Alina shared a session at the 2nd Annual Psychology Outside the Box Conference (UOttawa, May 2013)

Leah Simpkins presented at NIOSH in Las Vegas.

PhD Students Leah Simpkins and An Gie Yong presenting at the Graduate Students Association Conference Pecha Kucha Session


Research team for the Engagement = Mobilizing Communities and Collaboration project.

Welcome, Sophie!

Welcome to the youngest little girl of GAP-Santé, Sophie Lemus, beloved daughter of Cecilia Lemus (and Arthur)!/Bienvenida a la màs joven chiquita de GAP-Santé, Sophie Lemus, hija querida de Cecilia Lemus (y Arthur) ¡

AnGie Yong presenting at the 1st National Psychology Outside the Box Conference (UOttawa), an interdisciplinary conference that aims to disseminate psychological research beyond its discipline.


Marie-Pierre L.-Markon - Defence & celebration!

Dr. E. Lopez-Vazquez visiting our team

GAP-Santé through the years