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Selected Presentations

Dr. Louise Lemyre presenting at "Ten Years After 9-11: Did the World Learn Anything?", September 2011






Le stress au travail et la santé organisationnelle chez les cadres de la fonction publique : de la recherche à l’intervention, Novembre 2011 (Canada)

Considérations psychosociales en gestion des urgences : Communication de risque et mobilisation sociale, Novembre 2011 (Canada)

Ten Years After 9-11: Did the World Learn Anything?, September 2011 (Canada)

Developing collaboration in complex events: A model for civil-military inter-organizational problem-solving and decision-making, June 2011 (Canada)
Best Paper Award, Track 2

Does Training Matter in The Building of Healthy Learning Organization? A Case Study of Canadian Executives, May 2011 (USA)

Psychosocial Risk Manager (PRiMer): A suite of Tools on Psychosocial Considerations in Planning and Mobilisation, March 2011(Australia)

Gestion du risque psychosocial (PRiMer) : Outils pour la communication de risque et la résilience communautaire, Novembre 2010 (France)

Strategic Risk Communication on H1N1 in Canada: Lessons on Empowerment, Listening and Uncertainty, July 2010 (Belgium)

Comprehensive Approaches: In-Vivo Simulation of Shared Decision Making, October 2010 (Canada)